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Demonstration against Junta Dictatorship – Vaggelis Giannakopoulos addressing audience
Achilleas Kostoulis at Trojan Horse performing the songs of Giannis Ritsos
“Hands of Greece” Banner at Demonstration at Parliament
Tassos Dimopoulos owner of Apollo Tours – speech outside parliament of Ontario during demonstration for Cyprus
The band Companeros performing at the Trojan Horse Coffee House.
Makis Kostantakis -Deceased- a guitar player performing at Lyra Coffee house.
Lambros Vasiliou singing at the Trojan Horse Coffee House
Pantelis – bouzouki player
Kosmas Marinatos and Aris Karoulias performing at the Trojan Horse
George Kotsopoulos portrait
George Kotsopoulos guitar player performing at PAK’s officer and rec space on Gerrard St.
Companeros Concert –Danforth Music Hall
Gathering in support of Cyprus
Demonstration for Cyprus on the Danforth
Demonstration “Nuclear Free Balcans”-Members of the Greek Canadian Democratic Organization
Concert hosted by the Greek Canadian Cultural Workshop at Titania Music Hall presenting composer Christos Leontis
Arrival of Andreas Papandreou
Fundraising banquet for PAK in Toronto
Demonstration outside of the Federal Parliament in Ottawa. The last demonstration before fall of the Junta in Greece.
George Homatidis and Peter Belegris at Quouinta Café
Owners of Lucky smoke, newspaper store
George Papadatos giving a speech outside the Parliament of Ontario during demonstration in support of Cyprus
Mikis Theodorakis, Aphrodite Manou and George Papadatos outside the Trojan Horse Coffee House
Demonstration on Danforth to increase arms against Turkey
Lampros Vasiliou singer-President-owner of Avli Coffee House
Steve Arvanitis – Deceased – at a Greek Community of Toronto meeting
Nikos Touliatos (organizing of the Olympic ceremony in Athens 2004) and Sakis Nikolaou (bass player – musician)
Antonis Michailidis singing
The owners of Lyra Coffee House
Two followers of the Trojan Horse Vasilis Charalampidis and Nikos Kalamaries