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Hang Sauh, outside Saigon
Hang Sauh, outside Saigon
Saigon : Refugees Near Tan Son Nhat Airport
Gillespie Dizzy
Jerrold Morris International Gallery : Walter Yarwood sculpture
Siya Princess : Belly dancer
Isaacs Gallery : Joyce Wieland show
Pike Cathy : Forest Hill C. I. [not used]
Cadillac Contracting and Developments
Mackey James. Police chief.
Saigon : Refugees
Fighting in Hue, Marine Casualties
Da Nang
Hong Kong : Sykes : Can. Memorial Gardens [Not Used]
Caribana '71 : Warmup party at Ont. Science Centre
West Indian Groups: Caribana '67: Final Night [not used]
Commerce Court : Beam Signing [not used]
Di Lorenzo Nicola : Extortion Trial