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Racehorses : Bunty Lawless
Sophia Papazoglou at Trojan Horse Coffee House
George Papadatos interviewing Mr. Moniatakos
Andreas Papandreou - official visit to Canda as Prime Minister
Dance at the Greek Community Centre
Images of modern Greece
George Tzouras
Lyra - a Greek politian addresses the audience
Demonstration against nuclear armament
Athanasios Karantonis - MD
Manos Loizos at Pearson Airport - just arrived from Greece
Takis - photographer
Leontis concert - Titania
Concert at Titania Music Hall - Leontis and his group. The banner reads "Art Belongs to the People"
Hunger strike - outside the American consulate
Images of modern Greece sponsored by UofT, gathering at the Greek Community Centre
Lyra Coffee House - Greek politician addresses the Greek audience.
Neraida Bar
Andreas Papandreou - official visit to Canada as prime minister
Trojan Horse Coffee House - scene during the junta years
Images of modern Greece performance at North America at Convocation Hall
Demonstrating outside the Ontario Legislative Building on Queen's Park Crescent
Trojan Horse scene during the dictatorship
Chris Tarnaris at the Greek Community Centre
Demonstration - probably the last one in Ottawa outside Pariament by PAK members
Poetry night. George Papadatos reciting poetry at Hart House International Student Centre
Performance at Esperides
Nikos Tsigos singing at Esperides Coffee House
Hunger Strike outside the American Consulate
Lambros Vassiliou singing at Trojan Horse Coffee House