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Relief map of the Dominion of Canada
Dominion of Canada and Newfoundland
Map of the Dominion of Canada showing the establishments of the Hudson's Bay Company, incorporated 2nd May 1670 [1941]
Portion of British Columbia
Plan of the City of Toronto, Tracy D. Le May, city surveyor, September 27th, 1921
Map of City of Toronto and suburbs
Map of Peel County
Official plan of the Town of Tecumseth planning area : land use map
Town of Acton : restricted area by-law number schedule A
Regional Municipality of York : north portion [1964]
[York County, north sheet]
Town of Dundas
Plan showing the town of Dundas
Town of Fort Erie as established under Regional Municipality of Niagara Act
Town of Hawkesbury : zoning by-law no 2363 schedule A
Village of Highgate
Town of Kincardine
Zoning map of the Town of Leamington
Canada [1967-A]
Etobicoke : population base map
Borough of East York : ward map
Borough of North York : wards
Borough of North York: zoning districts
Borough of North York: planning districts
Borough of North York: sheet index
Borough of North York: postal districts
Community plan, borough of Scarborough official plan : schedule "B"
1877 map of Pickering Township
A new map of the province of Québec, according to the Royal Proclamation, of the 7th of October 1763, from the French surveys connected with those made after the War, by Captain Carver, and other officers in His Majesty's service
Map of Manitoba