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Cat : At refrigerator [not used]
Cats : Thorncliffe Cat Show [not used]
Cats : Cat Fell From 18th Storey Balcony of Don Valley Pkwy. Apartment.
Cat : Persian Kitten : See Lions--David The Lion Cub
Cat : 24 Years Old : See Wendy Thompson
Cat [not used]
Cat : Shot by Humane Society
Animals : Cats [not used]
Animals : Cats, Horses, Chickens [not used]
Cat : With Duck
Cat : Fell 14 Stories : Unhurt. [not used]
Cats : Owned by Mrs. Stitt
Cats : Kittens at Humane Society
Cat : Owned by Mrs. Harold Walker [copy]
Cat [not used]
Cats : Siamese Cats [not used]
Cats : For Negs See Dogs Neg. Env. July 4/70
Cat : Blackie : Owned by Mrs. C. Thorburn : See Dogs----Penny
Cat [not used]
Cat : Persian Cat Owned by Harry Shearer [copy]
Cat : Misty--Eating Melon [neg not received from Ward]
Cat : Murder Victim's Cat Goes Mad [not used]
Cat : 20 yrs old. [not used]
Cat : Susie : 21 Years Old
Cats [not used]
Cat : Had Kittens in Baby Carriage
Cat : 20 Years Old : See Mrs. James Mc Cuaig
Cats : Cat Pole : See Toronto Humane Society
Cat : Kitten [not used]