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Hairdressing : Azan's Beauty World [not used]
Hair dressing : For after 4
Hallowe'en : Young Men's Can. Club [not used]
Hallowe'en : UNICEF party
Hamilton, Ont. : McMaster University grads
Hamilton, Ont. : Can. Bank of Commerce, York and Queen : Hold up
Hamilton, Ont. : Body of murder victim found in Hamilton cemetery
Greek Royal Family : King Constantine and Queen Anne Marie : Arrival at Airport
Hamilton, Ont. : Metro Toronto playground leaders course
Hairdressing : Rayko Coiffure, Nicholas
Hallowe'en : Biggart and Pitts children cut out pumpkin [not used]
National Rally : Toronto : 1967
Haliburton, Ont. : Toronto jaycees erect cabin [not used]
Hallowe'en : Letros [not used]
Football : Argo Coaching Staff [not used]
Hamilton, Ont. : Playground leadership course
Hairdressing show : Seaway Towers [not used]
National Rally : Toronto : 1967
Hamilton, Ont. : Children of Mrs. T. Maloney rescued when home burned
Hair styles : Vicki Runge
Hairstyles : Penny, Anne Marie, Jill, Christine
Haldimands [not used]
Hallowe'en : Lambton-Kingsway P.S.
Hallowe'en : Apples and chocolates with razor blades in them
Hallowe'en : Biggart and Pitts children cut out pumpkin [not used]
Hair styling : Lili Jakel
Hallowe'en : Corpus Christi school [not used]
Hamilton, Ont. : Fireman injured in Hamilton fire
Hairstyles : Of 20's, 40's and 70's [not used]