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Dog : Golden Retriever and Pups [not used]
Cat : 24 Years Old : See Wendy Thompson
Dog : See Scarboro, Ont. Internartional All Breed Dog Show
Cat : Owned by Thompson Family on Steeles Ave. Scarboro
Cheetah [copy] [not used]
Deer [not used]
Cat [copy]
Dog : Wearing Diving Mask [not used]
Deer : Riverdale Zoo : Deer in the Snow
Cougar : Having Teeth Fixed [not used]
Cat : Owned by Mrs. Harold Walker [copy]
Cow [not used]
Cows : Duncan, Bartley and Mary Bull with Jersey Cow. Janet Ball with Ayrshire Calf
Cattle [not used]
Cats : Siamese Cats [not used]
Cattle [not used]
Dog : Dalmatian : Dudley Dupont
Dog : Siberian Husky [copy] [not used]
Dog : Toy Collie, Lassie, Which Bit Boy : See Mrs. Mina Aitken
Cat : Persian Cat Owned by Harry Shearer [copy]
Dog : Poodle, Toni
Dog : Poodle Gigi
Calf & Girl
Cat : Susie : 21 Years Old
Dog : With Pups [not used]
Dog : Collie [not used]
Cat : 20 Years Old : See Mrs. James Mc Cuaig
Cats : Cat Pole : See Toronto Humane Society
Cat : Kitten [not used]
Archery contest at CNE