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Competing  in Clean Energy, Capitalizing on Canadian innovation in a $3 trillion economy
Reducing Pollution, Creating jobs: The employment effects of climate change and environmental policies
Green jobs: Draft guidelines for the Statistical Definition and Measurement of Employment in Environmental Sector
Acting on Climate Change: Solutions from Canadian Scholars
Towards a Greener Economy: the Social Dimensions
The Social and Decent work dimensions of a new agreement on climate change: A Technical Brief
Towards an ILO approach to climate change adaptation
Promoting safety and health in a green economy
Building the green economy: Employment effects of green energy investments for Ontario
More Jobs, Less Pollution: Why Energy Conservation is Common Sense for Ontario
Falling behind: Canada's lost clean energy jobs
Building Ontario's Green Economy: a Road Map
A Green Economic Stimulus Package to Secure our Current and Future Prosperity
Socio-Material Systems and Sustainability Transitions: Integrating Climate Change into Transport Infrastructure in Ontario, Cana
National Round Table on the Environment and the Economy: 2012-2013 Report on Plans Priorities
Boreal Canada: State of the Ecosystem, State of Industry, Emerging Issues, and Projections - Report to the NRTEE
Economic Modelling of Provincial/Territorial Climate Change Policies: Summary of Phase 2 Results
The Gender Impact of Green Job Creation
Climate Change Impacts and Adaptation: A Canadian Perspective
Go Green: Ontario's action plan on climate change
Planning for a sustainable future: a federal sustainable development strategy for Canada: Consultation paper
Canada in a Changing Climate: Sector Perspectives on Impacts and Adaptation
Canada's Greenhouse Gas Emissions: Understanding the Trends, 1990 - 2006
Joint Statement on Climate Change
Canada's Emission Trends 2013
Canada's Emission Trends 2012
A Climate change plan for the purposes of the Kyoto Protocol Implementation Act
Turning the corner: Regulatory Framework for Industrial Greenhouse Gas Emissions