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Armistice Day : Kids playing in Phillips Square
Hallowe'en : Party at Lord Dufferin School [not used]
Biafra : Copy Negs [not used]
Fondue : Childrens Swiss Fondue Party [not used]
Flying Saucer : Launched by Downsview Children
Immigrants : Italian immigrants
Toronto Island : Winter sports
Immigrants : Italian arrivals at Union Station [not used]
Immigrants : Italian family [not used]
Immigrants : Big Italian family arrives at Malton [not used]
Immigrants : Italian immigrants
Greek Groups : Achaian Society masquerade
Greek Groups : Anniversary of Greek Independence Day
London, Ont. : Measles Shots for Children
Long Branch, Ont. : Kids in park [not used]
Huron Street School: Children Interviewed
Carabana at City Hall
Caribana Parade [not used]
Caribana '70 [not used]
Kids in a library.
Communists - miscellaneous
CNE : Kids
Children looking down at crowd of people skating on ice rink at Nathan Phillips Square.
Crowd of young people skating on the ice rink at Nathan Phillips Square.
Ethnic Groups : Greeks
Children, in Greek national costume, standing in line in front of Old City Hall; banner and flag in background with Greek writing
Regent Park Pool Protest : [not used]