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Young United Church (formerly Methodist)
Young United Church (formerly Methodist)
Louis Riel's Grave, Winnipeg
[Église du Précieux Sang/Precious Blood Roman Catholic Church], St. Boniface
Grey Nuns Residence, St. Boniface
Grey Nuns, St. Boniface
[1874-built] Old St. Mary's Church
Hall at old St. Mary's Academy
Angled view of the side of St. Francis Monastery at Old St. Mary's Church
Convent - Frontenac Hotel
Greek Orthodox church
St. Boniface Cathedral/Basilica
Archbishop's Palace, St. Boniface
St. James the Assiniboine Anglican Church, the oldest in the Winnipeg area
St. James Church, the oldest church in Winnipeg
St. Boniface [Cathedral] Across Red [River]
The first synagogue in Winnipeg, on Martha Street and Henry Avenue
Angled view of back of the [1893-built] Immaculate Conception Church
Old synagogue in the North End
Cathedral, St. Boniface
[Old St. Mary's Church]
Winnipeg Higgins [Avenue]
Entrance to St. Francis Monastery at Old St. Mary's Church
First Mennonite Church of Winnipeg, at Alverstone Street and Notre Dame Avenue
Steeple of the [1893-built] Immaculate Conception Church
Angled view of a German Baptist church, Alexander Avenue
Grey Nuns, St. Boniface
Entrance to [1893-built] Immaculate Conception Church