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Plan of the Town of Niagara
Town of Simcoe
Map of the village of St. Clair Beach, County of Essex
Plan of the village of Yarker in the Township of Camden
Smith Falls
Plan of the village of Sturgeon Point in the County of Victoria
Map of the City of Ottawa [Southeast]
Plan of the village of Newmarket : shewing present subdivisions
Lunenburg County [Nova Scotia] : index sheet no 47
Map of a portion of Alberta shewing lands for sale by the Canadian Pacific Railway Co
Map of part of the province of Manitoba and North West Territories shewing the Hudsons Bay Company's sections [part 1]
Plan of the town of Barrie, Home District, U.C.
[Subdivision of German lands, Markham Township, Ontario]
Plan of the City and liberties of Kingston delineating severally the wards and lots, with the streets, wharves and principal buildings
Plan of the Town of Goderich : laid out on the principle of Proforma Plan
Map of Normanby Township
Map of part of Keewatin shewing Dominion land surveys to 31st December, 1876 [south Kenora district]