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English boy passes time on the train by viewing magazine
U-Boat torpedoes "seavacuee" children but all are safe
Refugees from Poland
A new chance for homeless refugees
Reversing the influx of Jews from European countries to Palestine
Ann Ryan writing a letter home
Children of War
Refugees flee through war-scarred Louvain
No music in their hearts
A young refugee sleeps
Refugees Held Aboard Ship
Reay, Mrs. Buckingham and Ian
New Canadians from Italy and Greece get a warm, affectionate greeting to Toronto
Earleen Burgon, with her aunt, Mrs. H. A. Burgon
Five-year-old twins sat close together on the station bench, holding their coats and each other's hands
Three young war guests brought to an Oakville "duration" school
Far from the danger of bursting bombs and spitting machine guns, these English children arrive in Toronto
Henryetta Edwards and Anne Beare were snapped on their last morning at Branksome Hall
Austrian couple and their son with Toronto host
French couple and their daughters
…And as they go. This is the "grown-up" pair to whom Dr. and Mrs. T. O. Chenoweth are bidding good-bye after give years
John Gomm, centre, was seen away by Teddy Hill, left, and Bill Leak
War guests over looking Union Station
After withstanding attacks from German airmen and U-boats, these happy-looking children are shown with thumbs up as they arrived recently at an eastern Canadian port
In the baggage car of a train bound for areas safe from diabolical pilotless planes, children line up for milk distributed by members of the British Women's Voluntary Services
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Exterior of 100 Elm Avenue, in the snow.