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Edmonton St[reet]
Canada Building
Winter construction
Wholesale Area Behind [Winnipeg] City Hall
Winnipeg Pritchard Ave. old house - 1960
Winnipeg from Tower
University of Manitoba building in the fall
Winnipeg from Tower
Assiniboine River at Eastgate, Winnipeg - 1999
Ukrainian National Co-operative Ltd. in Point Douglas
Bridge of the Forts
Residence on the Red River
Winnipeg [Red River] Floodway
Alderman Zuken Park
Old Winnipeg Law Courts
CPR [Canadian Pacific Railway] Yards, [Winnipeg]
Law Courts
Old barn on Edmonton Street
Tree-lined East Gate
Building undergoing demolition [or renovation] on Sherbrook Street
Winnipeg from Tower
[Ashdown House]
Winnipeg from Tower
House on Mountain Avenue
1870's-built house in Point Douglas
Winnipeg City Hall
Midtown Bridge
St. Paul's College, University of Manitoba
Backs of two three-storey houses west of the Manitoba Legislature
Ralph Connor House