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Metavaσtnς : ‘Metanastis’ a weekly newspaper published in Greek
S. Karambekos at York University, 1980
S. Karambekos - composer Qouinta - 1980
George Papadatos welcoming Manos Loizos at the Pearson International Airport
From A. Papandreou's official visit to Toronto, 1983
musicians performing at the Trojan HOrse Coffee House, late 1970s.
A. Papandreou with his wife Maragert, Toronto, 1983
A. Papandreou - official visit, Toronto, 1983.
KYΠPOΣ CYPRUS : Toronto City Hall
Aquarius Coffee House : Avakoivwgn (back)
S. Michailidou singing at Titania May, 1980
PASOK politician at Lyra (probably Verivakis) - early 1980s.
A. Michailidis singing, Y. Vourakis - guitar - late 1970s
Papadatos speaking – KKE event
Images of Modern Greece - community gathering, 1980
“The Trojan horse” : coffee house
P. Krias at Qouinta, early 1980s
Canadian journalist from C.B.C. visiting the premises of DECA publications talking to George Papadatos.
Participants in a gathering of the Greek Community of Toronto are standing and listening to a speech.
Yiannis Markopoulos - composer - Trojan Horse Coffee House
General Assembly, Greek Community of Toronto
T. Parlanis, G. Xekomninos
A Canadian journalist from CBC visiting the premisese of DECA publications (owned by Avialis).
Manos Loizos and George Papadatos talking
Demonstration in support of the Cyrpus cause - leading the demonstration are P. Chaortareas (deceased) and G. Papadatos.
George Papadatos waiting for Manos Loizos and his band to arrive at the Pearson International Airport.
Dinner of George Papadatos (left) and friends at Byzantium restaurant.