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Planting rice in Laguna
Flailing, Laguna
Palay Threshing, Capas, Tarlac
Flailing, Laguna
Map of part of the District of Nipissing, showing agricultural lands surveyed on Lake Temiskaming, Ontario
"Guard house" in Korean fields
Korean rice mill near Kumyang jan-ne
Drying buri, Pampanga
The planning challenge of the Ottawa area : map A farmland abandonment and urban encroachment
Using Japanese weeders
With Japanese weeders
Working in the field, Vietnam
Winnowing rice in Vietnam
Working in the rice plantation, Vietnam
Woman bundling straw in Vietnam
Plowing in Vietnam
Working in the field, Cambodia
Sado near, Aikawa
Farm at Matsushima
From train between Oshamanbe and Otaru, Hokkaido
Hokkaido from train, South of Sapporo
Weeding rice near Bandung
Drying rice near Bandung, Indonesia
Tea plantation at Pangalinan, Java, near Bandung
Korean farmer near Kings tombs