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Metropolitan Toronto 66 [front]
1960 proposed regional library location
F. P. Lloyd's Toronto and suburbs [with provincial ridings and progressive conservative candidates]
Metropolitan Toronto 1966 [back]
Secondary schools in Metropolitan Toronto
[Metropolitan Toronto]
Toronto Terminal Project - York subdivision : proposed treatment of roads
[Metropolitan Toronto : census tracts (numbered), 1951, scale 1:96,000]
[Metropolitan Toronto : census tracts (outline), 1966]
Index map of census tracts of the Metropolitan Area Toronto = Carte index des secteurs de recensement de la Région métropolitaine Toronto
[Metropolitan Toronto : census tracts (outline), 1961]
Street guide and metropolitan map of Toronto [back]
Toronto, Hamilton, Ottawa [back]
Metropolitan Toronto : official guide... [back]
[Metropolitan Toronto : census tracts (outline), 1951]
[Metropolitan Toronto : census tracts (numbered), 1951, scale 1:144,000]
Canadian National Railways : Toronto area