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Bill Cosby : Comedian
Bohemian Embassy
Greek Groups : North Toronto Greek Orthodox Parish Dance
Harold Town : Exhibition at Jerrold Morris Gallery
Spadina Ave.
Bohemian Embassy
Bill Cosby : Comedian
Markham Street : Puchalski ax murder
Harold Town : Exhibition at Jerrold Morris Gallery
Bohemian Embassy
Wayne Ford : Preliminary trial capital murder charge : also witness, Ron Walli
St. Lawrence Hall : Construction company and union officials paint clock tower
Bohemian Embassy
Harold Town : Exhibition at Jerrold Morris Gallery
Toronto Dominion Bank : Cashier [not used]
Bank of Commerce : Willimington & Overbrook
Armistice Day : Toronto Garrison Artillery [Not Used]
Arctic Buffet [not used]
Applewood Village : Can. Open Skateboard Surfer Championships [not used]
London, Ont. : Re Stiff Penalties Handed Out for Shoplifting [not used]
Huron Street School: Children Interviewed
Dawe James. Construction Industry Threats
Pike Norbert. Union safety man on Don Valley Parkway slide. [not used]
Roads : Construction [not used]
Yorkville Street. House raided by police
City Hall : New : Official opening of new rink
Don Mills, Ont. : Workmen killed when hit by falling wood-concrete form : Don Mills Rd. - Eglinton Ave.
Tile Setters Union [not used]
COSTI Training Centre
Gardiner, Fred : Subway report meeting