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Manos Loizos and George Papadatos talking
Vasilis Papakonstantinou and George Papadatos playing around
Vasilis Voutsinos (white) sitting and waiting at the Airport for Manos Loizos.
George Papadatos, Vasilis Papakonstantinous, Yiannis (taxi-driver) in New York
On the road to Chicago escorting Manos Loizos and his musicians.
Isidora Sideri at Titania
Silvia Mittler with black glasses welcoming Manos Loizos (on the left) and his band at Pearson International Airport in Toronto.
M. Kostantakis waiting in agony for Manos Loizos and his band to clear customs at Pearson.
Vasilis Voutsinos and M. Konstantakis at Pearson Airport
Vasilis Papakonstantinou singing with eyes closed at Titania Music Hall.
Members of the Greek Canadian Cultural workshop waiting for Manos Loizos' arrival at the Pearson International Airport.
Demonstration in support of the Cyrpus cause - leading the demonstration are P. Chaortareas (deceased) and G. Papadatos.
Musician of Loizos performing
George Papadatos waiting for Manos Loizos and his band to arrive at the Pearson International Airport.
George Papandatos holding a recodrer and interviewing a young lady while on the other hand holding a file with notes.
On the way to New York - Papadatos - Dimou - Manos Loizos band
Isidora Sideri
Vassilis Papakonstantinou
Isidora Sideri
A musician from the Loizos band playing the piano.
George Papadatos, Yiannis (taxi driver) and Potis Zavitsianos in the van on the way to Chicago.
Lynn McDonald, C. Antoniou, G. Papadatos
Vasilis Papakonstantinou. Portret.
M. Koustantakis, Vasilis Voutsinos and K. Kalpouzos, waiting for Loizos at the Airport
On the way to New York. George Papadatos with Eleni Dimou and members of the Manos Loizos band.
Dinner of George Papadatos (left) and friends at Byzantium restaurant.
Antonios Vazintaris (poet) with a leather jacket looking and smiling at the camera.
Silvia Mittler welcoming Manos Loizos at the Pearson International Airport.
Town of Dundas : zoning map
London, Ont. : Royal Commission on Bilingualism and Biculturalism