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Jean Augustine interview: Biko lives button
Jean Augustine interview: Become our partner button
Jean Augustine interview: Ban the KKK button
Jean Augustine interview: April 17 1985 a date with equality button
Jean Augustine interview: 5th anniversary of Grenadian Revolution button
Jean Augustine interview: 40 years of Canadian citizenship button
Jean Augustine interview: discusses buttons as identifiers
Jean Augustine interview: Calypso King of the World button
J. Walker tree plantation
Photo archives, 1989-1996
Photo archives, 1989-1996
Flash backs of Tomorrow (Memorias del Manana)
Antigone : daughter of Oedipus, a woman defies the law by Sophocles
Two men sitting at a table
KYΠPOΣ CYPRUS : Toronto City Hall
NIKO EIΛOYPH : Acropole Cafe
“The Trojan horse” : coffee house
A concert for peace : music hall : 147 Danforth Ave.
Canadian journalist from C.B.C. visiting the premises of DECA publications talking to George Papadatos.
George Papadatos with a straw hat playing chess with his roommate A. Antiochos on the Danforth.
From left C. Gougas, Bishop Sotirios and a Canadian politician.
Leonidas Polimenakos (President) addresses his co-leagues at the Greek Community of Toronto.
Armando, Belesis and friends
Participants in a gathering of the Greek Community of Toronto are standing and listening to a speech.
Papadatos speaking at an event organized by KKE.
George Papadatos interviewing a young lady in her office.
Vasilis Papakonstantinou at Titania