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Old Garage
Tree-lined intersection west of the Manitoba Legislature
Logan [Avenue] Residence
House on Wellington Crescent
Side view of houses and sheds in Winnipeg
Buildings on Portage Avenue
Edmonton St[reet] Castle
[1906-built] house at 5 East Gate with snow in front yard
Across Main [Street] to W[est], Winnipeg
Old university building
Louise Bridge
Roblin House
Angled view of the side of a church
Portage Ave[nue]
Two [Government] [Buildings], Winnipeg
Houses and a tree covered in snow
Shaping Limestone, [Winnipeg]
Old Winnipeg Docks Below Notre Dame
House in Winnipeg
[1874-built] Old St. Mary's Church
Alex[ander] Avenue Docks
CBD [Commercial Business District]
Wholesale District off Princess Street
House on McDermot Avenue, with parts of the back and side of two other houses visible
Demolition of Roslyn Gables
Residence on Mayfair Avenue