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Cheetah [copy] [not used]
Dogs : Puppies at Humane Society [not used]
Dogs : Ridgeback Puppies Going to Caracas
Animals : Cats, Horses, Chickens [not used]
Cat : With Duck
Cat : Fell 14 Stories : Unhurt. [not used]
Cow : Day Old Calf Weighs 151lbs : Taken by Russell Cooper
Cat : Kittens and Dog Belonging to Mrs. Harry Brooks, Cooksville [not used]
Dogs : Boxer Pups With Camera : Frank Grant Negs Not Turned In
Cheetah : Arrives at Zoo from W. Africa.
Deer [not used]
Dog : Sam : Owned By Mrs. Gordon White [not used]
Dogs : Can. Champion Specialty Show Poodles
Dogs : Weimeraner Breaks Up Poodle Party at Lady Ellis Store
Dog : Cocker Spaniel Watched Robbery
Dog : Has Diabetes [not used]
Dogs : Dalmation etc. Re Cold Weather
Cats : Owned by Mrs. Stitt
Cat [copy]
Cow : Ethelmere Ada's Snowball : Owned by Charles Burns
Cats : Kittens at Humane Society
Dog : Wearing Diving Mask [not used]
Dog : Seeing Eye Dog Ginger : Lost and Found
Deer : Riverdale Zoo : Deer in the Snow
Cougar : Having Teeth Fixed [not used]
Cat : Owned by Mrs. Harold Walker [copy]
Chimp : Betsy [copy]
Chimp : Escaped From Riverdale Zoo
Cat [not used]
Dogs : St. Bernard Dogs at Markham Kennel