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Canadian journalist from C.B.C. visiting the premises of DECA publications talking to George Papadatos.
George Papadatos with a straw hat playing chess with his roommate A. Antiochos on the Danforth.
From left C. Gougas, Bishop Sotirios and a Canadian politician.
Leonidas Polimenakos (President) addresses his co-leagues at the Greek Community of Toronto.
Armando, Belesis and friends
Participants in a gathering of the Greek Community of Toronto are standing and listening to a speech.
T. Lyris is watching a scene at a park. Behind him other members of the audience are visible.
The band with the singer Lambros Vasiliou performinh at the Trojan Horse Coffee House.
George Bayiokis singing with eyes closed during a concert at Titania Music Hall.
Michael Vitopoulos in a social event with friends
Greek priest of the community having a meal with two men. Three women are conversing at another table.
C. Gougas writing focused on his papers. On the left hand he hold a cigarette while on his lapel he has pined a tag.
Alex (plumber) and George Papadatos drinking at Neraida bar.
Trojan Horse Coffee House audience
Yiannis Markopoulos - composer - Trojan Horse Coffee House
General Assembly, Greek Community of Toronto
T. Parlanis, G. Xekomninos
A Canadian journalist from CBC visiting the premisese of DECA publications (owned by Avialis).
George Papadatos - Charalambidis (professor)
C. Bartzokas at the Greek Community of Toronto
George Papandatos holding a recodrer and interviewing a young lady while on the other hand holding a file with notes.
Dinner of George Papadatos (left) and friends at Byzantium restaurant.
Antonios Vazintaris (poet) with a leather jacket looking and smiling at the camera.