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Isidora Sideri
Vassilis Papakonstantinou
Isidora Sideri
A musician from the Loizos band playing the piano.
George Papadatos, Yiannis (taxi driver) and Potis Zavitsianos in the van on the way to Chicago.
Lynn McDonald, C. Antoniou, G. Papadatos
Vasilis Papakonstantinou. Portret.
M. Koustantakis, Vasilis Voutsinos and K. Kalpouzos, waiting for Loizos at the Airport
On the way to New York. George Papadatos with Eleni Dimou and members of the Manos Loizos band.
Dinner of George Papadatos (left) and friends at Byzantium restaurant.
Antonios Vazintaris (poet) with a leather jacket looking and smiling at the camera.
Silvia Mittler welcoming Manos Loizos at the Pearson International Airport.
Photographs of Portuguese community, cultural, sporting events and figures by Domingos Marques and others for Comunidade
Racehorses : Canadian Champ and Kitten.
Prairie farmstead with shelter belt near Macdonald, Manitoba
University Ave. Demonstration at U.S. Consulate Re Dominican Reublic.
Racehorses : Exterminator with pony companion, Peanuts
Racehorses : Canadian Champ
Racehorses : Bonne Vitesse
Racehorses : Epic.
Racehorses : Chatty Cavalier in the Plate Trial Stakes.
Racehorses : Hidden Treasure
Racehorses : Coral Key
Racehorses : Brockton Boy
Racehorses : Budpath
Racehorses : Bunty Lawless
Andreas Papandreou - official visit
Sophia Papazoglou at Trojan Horse Coffee House
Images of modern Greece
George Papadatos interviewing Mr. Moniatakos