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Outside the Voyageur Pavilion in winter at The Forks
Assiniboine R[iver]
Edmonton Street
Main Street, s[outh] to Portage Avenue
Lindsay Building
C.P.R. [Canadian Pacific Railway] Yards Outside Winnipeg
Hall at old St. Mary's Academy
St. Luke's Church in Fort Rouge
Isbister Building, University of Manitoba
CBD [Commercial Business District] from The Forks
Redwood Bridge
Portage [Avenue] & Main [Street]
Main Street
Angled view of the side of St. Francis Monastery at Old St. Mary's Church
CBD [Commercial Business District]
Main Street
Ogilvie Outs
Alexander Docks
Side view of houses in Winnipeg
Northwest of Winnipeg
Back of a house at [131] Donald Street, with a [log chest]
Mcintyre Block
Warehouse on Assiniboine River
Winnipeg from Tower
[1884-built] Winnipeg City Hall
CBD [Commercial Business District]
C.P.R. [Canadian Pacific Railway] Station