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Members of the Loizos band walking on the Danforth
T. Lyris is watching a scene at a park. Behind him other members of the audience are visible.
The band with the singer Lambros Vasiliou performinh at the Trojan Horse Coffee House.
Christos Leontis conducting his orchestra at Titania.
George Bayiokis singing with eyes closed during a concert at Titania Music Hall.
Michael Vitopoulos in a social event with friends
George Papadatos V. Avramidis and Kasimatis
Antonas (taxi driver) working at a coffee place.
Greek priest of the community having a meal with two men. Three women are conversing at another table.
C. Gougas writing focused on his papers. On the left hand he hold a cigarette while on his lapel he has pined a tag.
Alex (plumber) and George Papadatos drinking at Neraida bar.
Social event in the Greek Community of Toronto.
Trojan Horse Coffee House audience
Yiannis Markopoulos - composer - Trojan Horse Coffee House
Professor Nancy White and George Papadatos presenting the Companeros at Music Hall Titania.
Manos Loizos performing
Members of the Greek Canadian Cultural workshop waiting for Manos Loizos' arrival at the Pearson International Airport.
First appearence in North America of composer Manos Loizos.
General Assembly, Greek Community of Toronto
T. Parlanis, G. Xekomninos
A Canadian journalist from CBC visiting the premisese of DECA publications (owned by Avialis).
George Papadatos - Charalambidis (professor)
Manos Loizos performing
Manos Loizos playing the piano holding a cigarette in his mouth. Behind him a musician looking at the camera.
Manos Loizos performing
George Papadatos in a park getting some rest on his way to Chicago.
Manos Loizos outside the Palladium New York
Vasilis Papakonstantinouand Isidora Sideri singing at Titania Music Hall.
A woman with a knitted sweater is getting ready to put some gas in the van during a stop on the way to Chicago.