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Long Branch, Ont. : L.B. Lacrosse Assoc : Rock N' Roll Dance
Hamilton : Arthur Gustafson rescued from Bay by G. Corbett, H. Botham, Bob Campbell and Gord Daley
[Armi]stice Day Celebrating
O'Keefe Brewing Co. : sale of steins and mugs
Coronation Day : Celebrations in Toronto : No 1
TTC : Opening day of subway : People in stations, riding cars etc. : no. 1
Hamilton, Ont. : Fire [not used]
[Armi]stice Day Celebrating
Armistice Day Celebrations in Toronto VJ Day
Biafra : Copies from Oxfam Pix
Crocodile [copy] [not used]
Remembrance Day : Beaches - Kew Park [Not Used]
Aerials. St. James Town
Ford of Canada [not used]
Royal Bank : Jarvis and Charles : Robbery [not used]
Arctic : Resolute Bay [not used]
Cattle [not used]
Elvis Presley : at Buffalo and Toronto : No 1
Cattle : Triplet Calves [not used]
Armistice Day : Royal Regt. of Canada at St. James Cathedral
Biafra : Copies from Oxfam Pix
Immigrants : families of Scottish miners arrive by air
Dog : Carried in Bicycle Tool Kit [not used]
City Hall : Canada Life Christmas decorations and new City Hall
Foleyet, Ont : Floods [not used]
Aerials. St. James Town
Foleyet, Ont : Floods [not used]
Dog : Sam : Owned By Mrs. Gordon White [not used]
Armistice Day