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[Winnipeg] Old Workhousing East of Main [Street]
Demolition on Main Street, Winnipeg
[1884-built] Winnipeg City Hall
Dike, Kildonan [Drive]
Bank building at [Main] Street and McDermot Avenue
Railway Yds. [Yards]
Osborne Bridge
Convent - Frontenac Hotel
Market Square
Protection Against Erosion
Winnipeg Connecting Railroad
Winnipeg City Hall
Bergen Cut Off
Short double house in between two buildings on Donald Street
Manitoba Legislative Buildings
Hotels on Main Street, Winnipeg - 1957
Public Safety Building
Residence at York [Avenue] and Hargrave [Street]
Disraeli Bridge
Old apartment building on Broadway
Princess St[reet] behind City Hall
Childs Building
Three houses [on Alexander Street] with a car in the foreground
Portage Ave[nue]
Terrace housing on Toronto Street
[Apartment] house near the General Hospital