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Armistice Day Celebrations in Toronto VJ Day
Can. Imp. Bank of Comm. : Yonge & Pleasant Blvd Branch : Robbery
Hamilton, Ont. : Annual barbershop harmony convention
Miss Marilyn Bell : Pictures displayed in Simpsons window
Cattle Show [not used]
Can. Bank of Commerce : Can. Dollar Discount
Hamilton, Ont. : Picketers outside committee rooms of Russell Reinke [not used]
Hamilton, Ont. : One way street story [not used]
Aerials. St. James Town
Toronto / Rose Ave. - 61
Hamilton, Ont. : Drake Freel drowned in excavation [copy]
Moss Park Area Areials
Toronto Banks : Imperial Bank : Rogers & Keele Branch
Ulysses Lauzon : Convict : Rephotographed copy
Biafra : Copies Made from Color Slides Used in Pete Worthington Stories
Remembrance Day : Prospect Cemetary [Not Used]
Armistice Day : City Hall Cenotaph etc. : City Hall Cenotaph
Chimp : Escaped From Riverdale Zoo
Hamilton, Ont. : Paul McFarlane Polio story
Argyle, Ont.
[Armi]stice Day Celebrating
Royal Bank : King and Yonge : Scene of murder-suicide of Marion Spencer and David Hill
Hamilton, Ont. : Lumberyard fire
Armistice Day
Augusta Ave.
Dog : Boy and Injured Dog [not used]
Royal Bank of Canada : University and Adelaide : Robbery
[Armi]stice Day Celebrating
Armistice Day : City Hall Cenotaph etc. : City Hall Cenotaph
Hamilton, Ont. : Old cars [not used]