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Toronto public and secondary schools [front]
[Metro Toronto region base map (with 1956 rural land use outline)]
[Population 1956 : city of Toronto]
Metropolitan Toronto Public Transportation Service : route map [front]
City of Toronto : population per dwelling, according to enumeration area delineations
[Base map of area adjacent to West Metro Toronto (shows International Airport)]
[Metro Toronto region base map (1958 land use outline)]
Metropolitan Toronto : official guide... [front]
F. P. Lloyd's Greater Toronto
Metropolitan Toronto [from topographic series]
Metropolitan Toronto 66 [front]
1960 proposed regional library location
F. P. Lloyd's Toronto and suburbs [with provincial ridings and progressive conservative candidates]
Might's clearview correct city directory map of Greater Toronto [1932]
Metropolitan Toronto 1966 [back]
Secondary schools in Metropolitan Toronto
[Metropolitan Toronto]
Toronto Terminal Project - York subdivision : proposed treatment of roads
Metropolitan Toronto : existing land use 1956
[Metropolitan Toronto : census tracts (numbered), 1951, scale 1:96,000]
[Metro Toronto base map]
[Metropolitan Toronto : census tracts (outline), 1966]
Index map of census tracts of the Metropolitan Area Toronto = Carte index des secteurs de recensement de la Région métropolitaine Toronto
[Metropolitan Toronto : census tracts (outline), 1961]
[City of Toronto Planning Board drawing number 21]
Plan from Toronto to Barrie, compiled from militia sheets
Metropolitan Toronto & region transportation study map
Toronto Transit Commission : daily except Sunday routing, in effect Jan 21st 1924.
Toronto Transportation Commission : route map showing normal routing of Toronto Railway Co. & Toronto Civic Rly. as on Aug 31st
TTC normal routes: city and suburban services