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Greenhouse Gas Emissions Reductions in Ontario: A Discussion Paper
A Profile of the Greenhouse Industry in British Columbia and Clues to Climate Change
Industrial Strategies for Green Jobs: Opportunitites and Obstacles in the Ontario Case
Greening Hotels and Fair Labour Practices
Does Gender Matter in the Political Economy of Work and Climate Justice?
Climate Change and Work
Climate Change and Labour Union Strategy in the Accomodation Sector: Opportunitites and Contradictions
Climate Change, Construction and Labour in Europe: A Study of the Contribution of Building Workers and their Unions to 'Greening' the Built Environment in Germany, the United Kingdom and Denmark
The Impact of Bioenergy and Biofuel Policies on Employment in Canada
Some Responses to the Challenge of Climate Change by North American Labour
Circular Economies in Canada's Forest Sector
Climate Change and Canadian Unions: The Dilemma for Labour
Labour's Response to Environmental Issues: A New Brunswick Case Study
Climate Change, Work and Employment in the Agri-Food Sector: Is the Ontario Food System Sustainable?
What Do We Know? Reviewing the State of Knowledge on Climate, Work and Employment in Canada
Cities, Climate Change and the Green Economy: A Thematic Literature Survey
AL-PAC Case Study - Part 1 Management Objectives
The U.S. Brownfield Experience
Canadian Business Perspectives on the Role of Government in Private Sector Climate Adaption: Final Report
A Canadian Perspective on the Dangerous Anthropogenic Interference with the Climate System - Final Report
Discussion Paper on Health and Education Human Capital Indicators
Environment and Sustainable Development Indicators Initiative: Air Resources Cluster Group - Final Report
Background Research on Canadian and United States Trade and Emissions
Leap Manifesto
Pipes need Jackets Too - Improving Performance of BC Buildings through Mechanical Insulation Practice and Standards - A White Pa