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Papadatos speaking – KKE event
Vasilis Papakonstantinou singing at Titania Music Hall.
Images of Modern Greece - community gathering, 1980
Vasilis Voutsinos (white) sitting and waiting at the Airport for Manos Loizos
Y. Thomoglou - Consul General - 1980
NIKO EIΛOYPH : Acropole Cafe
"The Trojan horse" : coffee house
A. Papandreous at Varsity Stadium
Bob Rae campaigning on the Danforth, early 1980s
George Papadatos, Yiannis (taxi driver) and Potis Zavitsianos in the van on the way to Chicago.
Sylvia Mittler in dark glasses and others at Toronto’s Pearson International Airport
Papadatos MC for the Leontis concert at Titania, May 1980.
P. Krias at Qouinta, early 1980s
Syvlia Mittler and members of Loizos band with bus in the background
T. Sarelas - bouzouki player - Toronto - early 1980s
T. Samaras and Antonas and Papadatos and others, early 1980s
Papadatos and others outside New York
Lambros Vasiliou - singing at the Olympion Room - August 1976
Papadatos reciting poetry - Hart House, 1975
Lambros and Greta Vasiliou at the Trojan Horse Kitchen
Member of Loizos band playing the guitar
A concert for peace : music hall : 147 Danforth Ave.
Program 1980
Program 1981
Ο ΠΑΝΕΛΛΗΝΙΟΣ = The Panhellenic (Toronto) : 1976-02
Neoi Kai Poi New Times
Alex (plumber) and George Papadatos drinking at Neraida bar.
C. Gougas writing focused on his papers. On the left hand he hold a cigarette while on his lapel he has pined a tag.