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Portion of British Columbia
Map of Edmonton district, Alberta
Saskatchewan : map showing disposition of lands
Map of Manitoba, Saskatchewan and Alberta, 1905 [Central]
Plan of the City of Toronto, Tracy D. Le May, city surveyor, September 27th, 1921
Schomberg, Lloydtown & area, Township of King
Village of Stouffville planning area
The Village of Thedford, County of Lambton
House numbering plan, town of Wingham Ontario
A plan of the village of Woodbridge in the County of York
Carte de la province de Québec, Canada
A new map of the province of Québec, according to the Royal Proclamation, of the 7th of October 1763, from the French surveys connected with those made after the War, by Captain Carver, and other officers in His Majesty's service
Map of the Province of Ontario, Dominion of Canada, exhibiting the counties and districts therein, also the unsurveyed portions of northern and northwestern Ontario
Map of Upper Canada shewing the proposed land agency divisions
A map of the located districts in the Province of Upper Canada
A map of the province of Upper Canada, describing all the new settlements, townships, etc. with the countries adjacent, from Quebec to Lake Huron
Copy of part of the "Plan of improvements" to be made in front of the City of Toronto shewing the water lots granted to the City Corporation in terms of a Minute in Council bearing date the 17th day of August 1837
City of Toronto compiled from surveys made to the present date 1871
Village of Waterdown
City of Woodstock
City of London and immediate area [North]
Plan of part of the province of Lower Canada
Map of Alberta
Northern Canada [shows part of Prairie provinces]
Land map : Manitoba, Southern portion
Map of Manitoba, Saskatchewan and Alberta, 1905 [East]
Map of Manitoba, Saskatchewan and Alberta, 1909 [West]
Map of Manitoba, Saskatchewan and Alberta, 1909 [East]
Plan of the Province of Upper Canada, divided into counties by order of His Excellency John Graves Simcoe, Esq.
Map of the province of Ontario, Canada [1908]