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Atlas of the Dominion. Counties of Kent and Essex. Province of Ontario.
Map showing R.N.W. mounted police districts in Alberta and Saskatchewan, 1909
Alberta and Northeastern British Columbia : showing oil and gas fields and oil and gas discoveries
Indian reserves in Nova Scotia and Prince Edward Island
Proposed provincial electoral districts: to accompany the Report of the Redistribution Committee 1964-65
Ontario census divisions – 1966 census
Québec: census divisions, 1966 census
Yellowknife, Northwest Territories
Map of Manitoba showing areas populated by Indians and Metis
Indian reserves, settlements and population centres in Québec
Planning areas, 1967
Provincial electoral districts [1967]
Mining activities north of 50th parallel
Plan of the Tract of Land Purchased from the Mississauga Indians in 1806.
Canada, New Brunswick and Nova Scotia by Sidney Hall
Upper Canada by J. Arrowsmith. 1837.
A New Map of Upper & Lower Canada, from the Latest Authorities by John Cary, Engraver. 1807.
The North-West Territory shewing British Columbia, Vancouver Island, Red River and Saskatchewan Settlements, for the Canadian Almanac 1870.
Map of part of Manitoba and the Canadian North-West Territories : Alberta, Assiniboia and Saskatchewan shewing system of land survey and the lines of the Canadian Pacific Railway
Excise Inland revenue map of Eastern Canada, 1884
Partie de l'Amérique septent? qui comprend la Nouvelle France ou le Canada
Map of the Province of Canada from Lake Superior to the Gulf of St. Lawrence corrected from information obtained by the Geological Survey under the Direction of Sir W.B. Logan and prepared for the Canadian Directory. Thos. C. Keefer
A New Map of the Province of Quebec according to the Royal Proclamation of the 7th of October 1763 from the French Surveys connected with those made after the War by Captain Carver, and Other Officers in His Majesty's Service
Petermann: Vereinigte Staaten von Nord-Amerika in 6 Blattern, Bl. 2 Stieler's Hand-Atlas No. 82. 1873.
Amerique Historique, Physique et Politique Actuelle [1825]
United States of America, Southern Part [1809]
United States. Published by D. Lizars, Edinburgh. [c1831]
Territory of Minnesota by Prof. H.D. Rogers & A. Keith Johnston. 1857.
A New Map of the United States of America from the Latest Authorities, by John Cary, Engraver. 1806.