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Founder's College : residence & academic courtyard
York University
York University buildings
Image of a man standing and reading a newspaper at a love-in in Queen's Park.
Student Centre, 1984-1992
Jean Augustine interview: Biko lives button
Jean Augustine interview: Anti-apartheid buttons
Jean Augustine interview: Free South Africa button
Folk Concert : Chris Rawlings
Acadian Music
Concert: Boys of the Lough
Concert: Angele Arsenault  and Les Danseurs du St. Laurent
Campbell Osler
Map - Locations in 1700-1800
Workshop : Slide Guitar with John Hammond and Dave Essig
Workshop : Islamic Music
Workshop : Islamic Music
When Does it Become a Folk Song?
Protests, 1984-1996
Protests, 1984-1996
Protests, 1984-1998
The Big Songs
The Big Songs
The Big Songs
The Big Songs
Fort Garry Gate in winter with buildings in the background
Industry, Fort Garry
Manitoba Region 3