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York University
York University
Schools : day nursery
York University
North York : Don Mills area : discards
York University
Schools : day nursery
University Ave. Hands off Trinidad group picket U.S. Consulate.
Child refugee in Greece
Polish passengers on the Batory jump ship in London
Young Brits heading home, one with a new love for hockey
Statistics from World Refugee Year
A former Russian barracks which is now being used to house Hungarian refugees prior to their departure for the United States
Woman reading The Evening Telegram
War guest leaving
Strange tongue and a strange land holds Katerina Precepa enthralled
Red Cross and Telegram Staff preparing to send off Red Cross supplies
Refugees from Holland and Belgium arrive in London this morning after being bombed
Tony Psaila gives his mother a huge hug on her arrival at Toronto International Airport last night
Children of Oxford University dons arrive in Connecticut
Little miss being pacified by her brother
War guests of the International Business Machine Co., Ltd., of Canada
America's gift to London children
Little tot sees New York skyscrapers
Evacuation of London children
At England's first national evacuation camp for children
Torpedoed--and still smiling