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The planning challenge of the Ottawa area : pattern of land ownership in Carleton County outside the greenbelt and in the western parts of Russell County
Geographic names of Renfew County
The Regional Municipality of York : polling subdivisions map
Municipal watermain
Municipal storm sewers
Municipal sanitary sewers
The Regional Municipality of York : recreational areas
Polling subdivisions : area municipality of the Town of Vaughan
General map of the United States : showing the area and extent of the free & slave-holding states, and the territories of the union.
Town of Gravenhurst : sanitary sewers, general plan
The City of Hamilton and vicinity : federal electoral districts, The Representation Act, 1952
Privately owned vacant lands. City of London
Official plan of the City of London planning area, Section 10: official plan map TL-2
London traffic study - 1963 : origin - destination zone plan
Water supply system : study map of the Point Edward planning area
Sanitary sewer system : study map of Point Edward planning area
City of Toronto : population per dwelling, according to enumeration area delineations
[Population forecast 1980 : city of Toronto]
Increase and decrease of population in city of Toronto by census tracts 1941-56
D.B.S. 1961 Census : total population - City of Toronto [north]
D.B.S. 1961 Census : total population - City of Toronto [south]
[Population 1956 : city of Toronto]
Toronto Transportation Commission route map:  August 31, 1921