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Hurricanes : Hazel 1954 October
Markham Street : Puchalski ax murder
Greek Groups : All Saints Greek Orthodox Church Centennial Celebration
Ethnic groups : West Indies
CNE : Sports
Beatles:  John Lennon wearing pyjamas
Cannon, William
Greek Groups : Hellenic Ladies Auxilliary Theatre Party following showing of Zorba the Greek
Rugby : Argos and Regina : not used
Fuller, Buckminster Project Toronto Press Conference
CNE : Kids
Kingston, Ont. : Kingston Penitentiary
Abortion march : not used
Football : Argos and Alouettes : Willer negs
Rugby : Argos and Saskatchewan
Rochdale College : Drug raid : Disturbance
Gordon Lightfoot
Greek Macedonians : Pan Macedonians Association [not used]
Regent Park : Kids demonstrating in downpour
Dennis Lee : Young Torontonians series
Robertson Davies
Demonstrations: Anti-war and ban the bomb
Mariposa Festival
Hurricanes : Hazel 1954
Lakeshore Boulevard : traffic
Rochdale College : Drug raid : Disturbance
George Drew : Massey Hall rally
Beatles:  At Maple Leaf Gardens and King Edward Hotel [not used]