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Map of the Province of Manitoba
Chan family videos : Virden Cafe sign
Chan family videos : RCMP weddings : part 2 of 4
Chan family videos : RCMP weddings : part 3 of 4
Chan family videos : RCMP weddings : part 4 of 4
Chan family videos : Christmas 1962 sign
Chan family videos : RCMP dinner at Virden Café
Chan family videos : Queen Elizabeth’s Christmas message
Chan family videos : Cleaning up
Chan family videos : Acting out play titled Fun with Toy
Wong family videos : family reunion 70
Map of part of the Valley of Red River north of the 49th parallel
Map of part of Manitoba and the North West Territory showing subdivided into townships that portion in which the Hudson's Bay Company own the 1/20 part or sections 8 and 26 in each township [part 2]
Wardlaw [Avenue]
Log buildings at Teylon [Ukrainian farmstead near] Netley Vale
Winnipeg [Red River] Floodway
House on Mountain Avenue
1892-built rural school near Katrime
Louise Bridge
[Grave] marker [near] Winnipegosis
[Ukrainian settlement near] Arbakka, Manitoba
[St. Mary's Ukrainian Catholic Church] in Mountain Road, Manitoba
Removing shelter belts at a[n abandoned] farmstead [near] Darlingford
Residence on Mayfair Avenue
Assiniboine R[iver]
Libau, Manitoba
1867-built Barber House in Point Douglas
Bank building at [Main] Street and McDermot Avenue
Protection Against Erosion