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Wardlaw [Avenue]
Log buildings at Teylon [Ukrainian farmstead near] Netley Vale
Louise Bridge
[Grave] marker [near] Winnipegosis
Removing shelter belts at a[n abandoned] farmstead [near] Darlingford
Residence on Mayfair Avenue
Assiniboine R[iver]
Libau, Manitoba
1867-built Barber House in Point Douglas
Protection Against Erosion
1883-built Roseland United Church near Kemnay, Manitoba
Winnipeg east of R[ed] R[iver] to N[orth].
Residence on Red [River]
Winnipeg new credit union [building] - note the miniscule plaza
Old St. Boniface Sewer on Seine River
Community pasture sponsored by PFRA (Prairie Farm Rehabilition Administration)
Ice going out on Assiniboine [River]
Prairie farmstead with shelter belt near Macdonald, Manitoba
[Fence lines]
Dust Storm at Dusk
Euclid Ave.
Wilson Farm [near] Belmont
Abandoned farmstead [near] Elgin
Shelter belts
Wolseley [Avenue]