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The Future of Canada's Oil and Gas Sector: Innovation, Sustainable Solutions and Economic Opportunities
Can Canada Expand Oil and Gas Production, Build Pipelines and Keep Its Climate Change Commitments?
Climate Change and Human Rights
Costing Climate Impacts and Adaptation: A Canadian Study on Human Health
Economic Instruments for Long-term Reductions in Energy-based Carbon Emissions
Canada's Opportunity: Adopting Life Cycle Approaches for Sustainable Development
Capital Markets and Sustainability: Investing in a Sustainable Future
Achieving 2050: A Carbon Pricing Policy for Canada
Energy [R]evolution: A Sustainable Energy Outlook for Canada
Canadian environmental sector trends: Supplemental report: Future growth expectations for worker demand
Canada's Emission Trends 2014
Climate Change and Labour: Impacts of Heat in the Workplace
Climate change and our jobs: finding the right balance. Discussion paper for the CAW Canada - Quebec Joint Council. St. John's N
Managing Canada's Resource Wealth in the interests of Canadians and the Environment
A New Union for a Challenging World: Unifor’s Vision and Plan
100,000+ Jobs: Getting Albertans back to Work by Building a Low-Carbon Future
Climate Change and the Australian Workplace: Final Report for the Australian Department of Industry
Costs to  Canada’s Health Care System of  Climate Change Impacts on Health ( Annex A )
Parallel Paths: Canada-U.S. Policy Choices
Planning for Prosperity: Building Canada's Low-Carbon Growth Plan
Community Energy Planning: the Value Proposition. Environmental, Health and Economic Benefits
Investment and Lock-In Analysis for Canada: Low Carbon Scenarios to 2050 - Final Report
The Labor-Climate Landscape: A Guided tour for Worker- and Climate-Protection Advocates
A Green Industrial Revolution: Climate Justice, Green Jobs and Sustainable Production in Canada
Achieving Balance - Ontario's Long-Term Energy Plan
Getting Fit: How Ontario Became A Green Energy Leader and Why It Needs to Stay the Course
Saving the Green Economy: Ontario’s Green Energy Act and the WTO
Paying the Price: The Economic Impacts of Climate Change for Canada