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McInnis speeches to Dr. Ross, graduates and honourary graduates on behalf of York University
The Feminist Porn Archive Project: Questions from a Working Ontologist
Letter to the City Yet to Come
The Dini Petty Show
The Dini Petty Show : Humble Howard/James Earl Jones/Inniskillin Wine/The Waltons/Jean-Marc Rozon
The Dini Petty Show : "The Best of Dini"
The Dini Petty Show
The Dini Petty Show : Humble Howard/Anne Rice/Oscar Meyere Weinermobile/Hulk Hogan/Bettie Bradley
Trojan Horse Cafe performance
Papadatos recording
Papadatos recording
Letter to Mrs. Stepler from Gordon Stepler, January 21st 1919
Killing us softly
The Fable of he and she
Self Health
STD Blues
V.D. and women
Making it
Purposes of family planning
Would I ever like to work
VD Attack Plan
Academic Calendars - 2014-09-15
Academic Calendars - 2014-04-01
Academic Calendars - 2014-05-01