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Province of Québec [county boundaries]
Québec: census divisions, 1966 census
Map of the province of Québec [shows timber reserves licenses]
Indian reserves, settlements and population centres in Québec
Village of Cayuga
Village of Cardinal
Town of Campbellford [1:7,500]
Town of Cambellford [1:11,000]
Town of Caledonia : schedule A to by-law no. 623
The City of Belleville
Plan of the Village of Cannington : compiled from registered plans and showing corporation limits
New city map from the air : Galt, Ontario
House numbering plan of the Village of Bolton, County of Peel
Town of Burlington : industries 1968
Exhibit F of zoning by-law 1587 passed August 2nd 1955 : land use plan Bowmanville planning area
Mineral map of the province of Québec
Mining activities north of 50th parallel
New quick reference map of the province of Quebec
Plan of islands in Georgian Bay district of Parry Sound, in front of the townships of Shawanaga and Carling
Geological map of the Dominion of Canada and Newfoundland
Geological map of the Dominion of  Canada [1901]
Geological map of the Dominion of Canada [1909]
Relief map of the Dominion of Canada
Map of the Province of Manitoba
McMillan's map of New Brunswick, 1867
Map of Newfoundland
A plan of the city and harbour of Louisburg, with the French batteries that defended it, and those of the English shewing that, part of Gabarus Bay, in which they landed, and the ground in which the encamped during the Seige in 1745
Province of Nova Scotia, Halifax County
Map of Nova Scotia, New Brunswick, Prince Edward Island and Cape Breton (Dominion of Canada) 1900