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Vicky & Quirino. Charge d' Affairs. Lockett -far right in white
Working in the field, Vietnam
Winnowing rice in Vietnam
Working in the rice plantation, Vietnam
Huts in Vietnam
Plowing in Vietnam
Woman bundling straw in Vietnam
Rural work in Vietnam (probably in Saigon)
Working in the field, Cambodia
Yours truly on de-pedastled camel, King tombs, East of Seoul
Korean rice mill near Kumyang jan-ne
"Guard house" in Korean fields
Anti-NNSC demonstration. Seoul, Korea (old capitol in distance)
Student demonstrators
Demonstrators in Seoul. "Drive out the Czechs + the poles of the NNSC"
UST Strikers
UST Strikers
UST Strikers
Polling place, Hacienda Luisita. Certification election.
"Wool manufacturers" convention in Hibiya Park, Tokyo. *really, tailors union
Political demostration by Buddhist monks
Wurfel-saw at top just after sunrise (bitterly cold), Fuji-saw
Sado near, Aikawa
Farm at Matsushima
Farm of Rakudai, Ebetsu, Hokkaido
From train between Oshamanbe and Otaru, Hokkaido
Hokkaido from train, South of Sapporo
Tea plantation at Pangalinan, Java, near Bandung
Korean farmer near Kings tombs
Hoeing vegetables, Sado Shima