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Biafra : Copy Negs [not used]
Cats : Cat Show [not used]
Fondue : Childrens Swiss Fondue Party [not used]
Biafra : Copies Made from Color Slides Used in Pete Worthington Stories
Food : Gourmet Foods at Colonnade Gourmet Shop and Home of the Gourmet.
Dog : St. Bernard Arrives from England
Africa : Belgian Congo : U.N. Troops
Flower : African Violet [not used]
Cow [not used]
Fludd : Music Group [not used]
Calf & Girl
Foleyet, Ont : Floods [not used]
Hong Kong : Fred Nossal Negs
Africa : Unidentified
Animals : Deer : Bambi : High Park Zoo
Food : Ways in which Food Arrives in Toronto
Biafra : Copy Negs [not used]
Fondue Party
Dogs : Wirehaired Dachshunds, Chows, Bulldogs etc.
Hong Kong : Fred Nossal Negs
Africa : Unidentified
Fondue Parties [not used]
Dogs : Ridgeback Puppies Going to Caracas
Dogs : Poodles [not used]
Biafra, Africa : Children at Church Camp for Refugee Children