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Houses on Hargrave Street
Roslyn Road Residence
Boarding house at the edge of the [central business district]
1882 Residence at Logan [Avenue] and King [Street]
Houses [near] Lily Street and [George] Avenue
Angled view of house on East Gate
Buildings at Portage Avenue and Main Street intersection
Winter construction
Winnipeg Pritchard Ave. old house - 1960
Ukrainian National Co-operative Ltd. in Point Douglas
Old barn on Edmonton Street
Tree-lined East Gate
Building undergoing demolition [or renovation] on Sherbrook Street
House on Mountain Avenue
Backs of two three-storey houses west of the Manitoba Legislature
Ralph Connor House
Ralph Connor House
Tree-lined intersection west of the Manitoba Legislature
Logan [Avenue] Residence
House on Wellington Crescent
Side view of houses and sheds in Winnipeg
Buildings on Portage Avenue
Edmonton St[reet] Castle
[1906-built] house at 5 East Gate with snow in front yard
Houses and a tree covered in snow
House in Winnipeg
House on McDermot Avenue, with parts of the back and side of two other houses visible
Demolition of Roslyn Gables
Residence on Mayfair Avenue
Edmonton Street