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Elvis Presley : [copy] [not used]
Armistice : Celebration of 1945
Viljo Revell : City Hall architect
Bloor-Parliament Sts. Model of Proposed Development
Parliament Street: Tailors Store
Toronto Air Views. From Yonge Street Looking East
Toronto Air Views. Sherbourne Street. Ont. Cancer Institute
Toronto Air Views. Sherbourne Street. Ont. Cancer Institute
Elm Ave.
Immigrants : Italian immigrants
Immigrants : Italian immigrants
Long Branch, Ont. Race Track. : Air View
Long Branch, Ont. : Air View of Mouth of the Etobicoke Creek [not used]
Long Branch, Ont. : Little Ex: Talent Contest [not used]
Long Branch, Ont. : Ontario Rifle Association. : Annual Meeting
Long Branch, Ont[ario]. : Protest Re - School Crossing Guards.
Long Branch, Ont. : School Strike. : Re- Crossing Guard.
Long Branch. : Marie Curtis Parking Drawing [copy] [not used]
Long Branch. : Vincent Massey School
Long Branch. : St. Agnes Anglican Church
Long Branch, Ont. : Bottle Explosion Fatality [not used]
Long Branch, Ont. : Near Drowning
Long Branch, Ont. : Unemployment Insurance Comission Classes
University Ave. U.S. Consulate. Students demonstrate in support of Selma Negros.
Shulman M. Dr.. [NOT USED]
Shulman Morton Dr. : East General Hospital inquest
Shulman Morton Dr. Royal Commission [NOT USED]
Papalia. John : Copy Police Pix [not used]
Horses : Mona Bell
Horses : Sweepden