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A Profile of the Greenhouse Industry in British Columbia and Clues to Climate Change
The Impact of Bioenergy and Biofuel Policies on Employment in Canada
Reducing Pollution, Creating jobs: The employment effects of climate change and environmental policies
Building Ontario's Green Economy: a Road Map
Early Warning: Will Canadian Cities Compete? A Comparative Overview of Municipal Government in Canada, United States,Europe
Domestic Emissions Trading: Key Design Options
The U.S. Brownfield Experience
Canadian Urban Environmental Issues - Status Report
Ecological Fiscal Reform and Agricultural Landscapes:Analysis of Economic Instruments: Conservation Cover Incentive Program
Lessons Learned from the Canada-Wide Standards Process - Final Draft Report
Illustrating Degrees of Climate Risk in Canada
Economic Modelling of Provincial/Territorial Climate Change Policies: Summary of Phase 2 Results
Ecological Fiscal Reform and Cleaner Transportation - Working Group  Final Report
The Legal, Regulatory and Policy Framework for Non-Renewable Resource Development in the Northwest Territories
Coasts and Oceans: Issue Identification
Domestic Emissions Trading: Design Issues Presentation
Issue Identification for Urban Livability Program
Environment and Sustainable Development Indicators Initiative: Renewable Marine and Forest Resources Cluster Group Final Draft
Financial Reporting Disclosures About Social, Environmental and Ethical (SEE) Issues: Background Paper
Discussion Paper on Health and Education Human Capital Indicators
The Governance of Canadian Energy and Climate Change Policy
Canada's Emission Trends 2013
Turning the corner: Regulatory Framework for Industrial Greenhouse Gas Emissions
Women and Climate Change Impacts and Action in Canada: Feminist, Indigenous and Intersectional Perspectives
Cap and Trade design principles for Canada
Promoting Climate Literacy in British Columbia’s Apprenticeship System
Building An Ontario Green Job Strategy: Ensuring the Climate Change Action Plan creates good Jobs where they are needed most
Climate Action Plan for New Brunswick
Green New Deal and the Question of Environmental and Social Justice