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The Arctic Regions, showing the North-West Passage as determined by Cap. R. McClure and other Arctic Voyagers. 1856.
Partie de l'Amérique septent? qui comprend la Nouvelle France ou le Canada
Chart of the World showing New Route through Canada between England, China, Japan, Australasia and the East. By J. Johnston. Department of Agriculture, Ottawa, Canada, 1886.
Kingston, Ontario : experimental photo map
[York County, north sheet]
Map of the Province of Canada from Lake Superior to the Gulf of St. Lawrence corrected from information obtained by the Geological Survey under the Direction of Sir W.B. Logan and prepared for the Canadian Directory. Thos. C. Keefer
A New Map of the Province of Quebec according to the Royal Proclamation of the 7th of October 1763 from the French Surveys connected with those made after the War by Captain Carver, and Other Officers in His Majesty's Service
Mappe-Monde Planispherique Physique et Hydrographique
Petermann: Vereinigte Staaten von Nord-Amerika in 6 Blattern, Bl. 2 Stieler's Hand-Atlas No. 82. 1873.
The World Illustrating the Principal Features of Meteorology; The World Showing the Distribution and Limits of Cultivation of the Principal Plants Useful to Mankind
Chart of Isothermal Lines, Shewing the mean annual Temperature of the Different parte of the Earth's Surface [1846]
Amerique Historique, Physique et Politique Actuelle [1825]
National Topographic Series (scale 1:125,000) : Fort Coulonge, Quebec-Ontario [sheet 31F/NE]
National Topographic Series (scale 1:125,000) : Golden Lake, Quebec-Ontario [sheet 31F/NW]
National Topographic Series (scale 1:125,000) : Deep River, Quebec-Ontario [sheet 31K/SW]
National Topographic Series (scale 1:125,000) : New Liskeard, Quebec-Ontario [sheet 31M/NW]
National Topographic Series (scale 1:125,000) : Tomiko, Ontario-Quebec [sheet 31L/NW]
National Topographic Series (scale 1:125,000) : Haileybury, Ontario-Quebec [sheet 31M/SW]
National Topographic Series (scale 1:125,000) : Mattawa, Ontario-Quebec [sheet 31L/SE]
United States of America, Southern Part [1809]
United States. Published by D. Lizars, Edinburgh. [c1831]
Territory of Minnesota by Prof. H.D. Rogers & A. Keith Johnston. 1857.
A New Map of the United States of America from the Latest Authorities, by John Cary, Engraver. 1806.
Geographical, Statistical, and Historical Map of South Carolina No. 24 (Appendix).
Geographical, Statistical, and Historical Map of South Carolina No. 24.
Partie orientale de la Nouvelle France ou du Canada
Carte du cours du fleuve de Saint Laurent depuis la mer jusqu'a Quebec, en deux feuilles. 2e. feuille, 1761
Carte du cours du fleuve de Saint Laurent depuis Quebec jusqu'a la mer en deux feuilles. 1re. feuille depuis Quebec jusqu'a Matane et Rivere des Outardes, 1761
Carte régionale de la province de Québec : comprenant les comptés de Temiscouata, Kamouraska, L'Islet, Montmagny, Bellechasse, Levis et partie de ceux de Beauce, Lotbiniere et Megantic
Central part of the province of Québec [NE]