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About Sex
Killing us softly
Happy Family Planning
V.D. and women
VD Attack Plan
Purposes of family planning
Founder's College : residence & academic courtyard
Mariposa Festival 1975
Mariposa Festival 1967
Piano Lessons, Anne Osbourne
Piano Lessons
Piano Lessons for an Adult, Blind Beginner, Recorded by Eileen [Craig?]
United States of North America (Western States)
Vereinigte Staaten Von Nord-Amerika In 6 Blattern, Bl. 2. [Dominion of Canada (southwest), Dakota, Nebraska, Iowa, Minnesota Wisconsin]
1877 map of Pickering Township
Valcin family videos : NYC 1969
Map of the city of Hamilton in the county of Wentworth, Canada West [East]
Plan of the Harbour of Toronto with a proposed town and settlement 1788
Sketch of the ground in advance of and including York, Upper Canada. by Geo. Williams, R.M.S.D. Nov. 7, 1813
A collection and re-creation of Bahamian traditional dances
The Unashamed Accompanist, Gerald Moore
America published 18th October 1803 by Robert Wilkinson
General map of the United States
British possessions in North America from Mr. Arrowsmith's Map of North America
Territories of Washington and Oregon by Prof. H.D. Rogers & A. Keith Johnston F.R.S.E.