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Territories of Washington and Oregon by Prof. H.D. Rogers & A. Keith Johnston F.R.S.E.
Northern Hemisphere
Topographic map : Township of Markham
Etats-Unis d'Amerique
Plan showing the town of Dundas
General map of the United States : showing the area and extent of the free & slave-holding states, and the territories of the union.
Town of Fort Erie as established under Regional Municipality of Niagara Act
Circonscriptions électorales fédérales 1966 [Canada] : selon la Loi sur la révision des limites des circonscriptions électorales a l’égard de Recensement décennal de 1961
Village of L'Orignal
Canada [1967-A]
Plan of the Town of Niagara
Borough of East York : existing land use
Town of Simcoe
City of Toronto [East]
Village of Stouffville : official plan
Village of Watford
Map of the village of St. Clair Beach, County of Essex
[Metropolitan Toronto : census tracts (outline), 1966]
Metropolitan Toronto [from topographic series]
City of Pembroke, official plan map of the official plan
Plan of the village of Yarker in the Township of Camden
Smith Falls
Plan of the village of Sturgeon Point in the County of Victoria
"Urbanizing regions" [Toronto central area]
Borough of North York: zoning districts
Plan of the village of Newmarket : shewing present subdivisions
Camp Churchill : composite site [East]
Map of part of the province of Manitoba and North West Territories shewing the Hudsons Bay Company's sections [part 1]
Federal district plan [National Capital Region]